Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In Honor of the last Repetitive Date we'll ever see!

Even though I am not a "mathy person", I do love numbers. Some numbers fascinate me, like interesting numbers in the date. Tomorrow's date is 12.12.12.  December 12, 2012. This is the last time we will see a date that repeats like this in our lifetime. So, in honor of this beautiful date, I'm throwing a sale on my Teacher's Pay Teachers's Store. I figured, WHY NOT? I have created some really neat resources in the last week and I'd like to get them into the hands of children. They are cute and fun.
This elf game has a bunch of sets of three cards. The object is to match the three cards in a variety of ways. One card contains pictures of coins, one card contains a value using numbers, and a third card shows the elf asking how much you have after telling you which coins you have.
I also created a place value matching game with reindeers and polar bears. Very cute.
Please visit my store and check these out!