Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Small Group Guided Math Instruction

Guided Math instruction is such an important part of the instructional day, but managing that time can often be quite difficult. I created this plan to pull many different lesson ideas together into one cohesive lesson plan "Unit". The set includes 4 learning activities (Games), plus some additional exit cards and practice sheets as well as some ideas and samples for moving 4 groups through a rotation that will keep math moving for a full 60 minutes. A little bit of whole group is included, but small group activities are the focus of this plan.
Differentiation is easy with this customized unit plan for telling time.
The unit is organized in a table format that begins with the Warmup: Whole Group activator. The plan then moves to 4 small group station rotations with the teacher being one of the stations. Each station has a unique and different activity for students to complete either in pairs on individually. Station 4 includes an exit card which canbe collected and analyzed. The final activity is a whole group I have Who Has Activity.

Check out my Unit Plans and also check out Laura Ado's Math Center Rotation Powerpoint. It works like MAGIC!


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